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Jac of Hearts Jac+Jack is a new Australian fashion house specialising in the finest woollen fabrics

Bespeak a Suit Bespeak a Suit - Bespoke Tailoring

Tailor Tailors and Tailoring

Bird of Paradise Gail Reid is that most exotic thing: a model who has become a successful designer. Even rarer, she's an Aussie making her name in the capital of Haute Couture - Paris

Cloth Encounters Stewart Russell from Scotland runs Melbourne based Spacecraft, a textile design studio.

Smart Cookies Nadine Ingram has elevated the humble biscuit into a crunchy artform.

Chocolate Food, mystical drink, and so pleasurable the usual kill-joys in the name of religion have tried to ban it. Chocolate nevertheless endures as one of the most widely enjoyed foods in the world.

Diamonds of the Kitchen Truffles are now growing in Western Australia.

Aussie Icon Aussie Icon - the Meat Pie. The Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition keeps the torch alight in the battle against the mass-produced monstrosities sold at metropolitan footie matches.

Guillaume at Bennelong. Guillaume at Bennelong. The icon within an icon. Guillaume Brahimi runs the famous restaurant Bennelong within the even-more famous Sydney Opera House.

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