Why Crème de la Crème?

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In today's troubled economic times, marketing strategies are more confused than ever. As fortunes are made and lost in the current economic turmoil how do advertisers and marketers target those who can actually afford their products and services?

The wealthy do not immediately adjust their habits to fit their new socio-economic demographic and are still viewing the same up-market advertisements they were when times were good, and still aspire to own the items advertised.

“The wealthy are still wealthy and are still spending on luxury and status items.”.

Guests in luxury hotels demonstrate their current status and ability to spend. Statistics show that this affluent group spends prolifically, often on luxury items. Retail figures reflect that the "top end of town" is thriving. Don't miss the opportunity for exposure to this elite group, who are forecast to spend $90.6bn in Australia in 2009.