jac+Jack Summer Wool

Jac of Hearts - summer woollen fashion

Originally published in Crème de la Crème, January 2007

Jane Swainson

Cool wool. Not words usually seen together. Wool as a fabric has a one-dimensional image, with its superb ability to keep the wearer cool in summer often overlooked.

Cool Wool

Wool has come a long way in the last couple of years.

Jac+Jack, an all-Australian boutique fashion label is revitalising the image of wool by exploiting its superb insulating properties that keep heat out just as well as warmth in. Modern sheer and feather-light fabrics, gossamer-thin, provide a breezy freshness and a tactile perfect fit that retains style and look throughout the day. Designer Jacqueline Hunt and business partner Lisa “Jack” Dempsey teamed up to launch the new label two years ago. Experienced fabric buyers, they decided to use cashmeres and superfine Australian merino wools in a unique range of luxury knits with leading-trend designs.

Brilliant Colour

Their current collection is an eclectic range of brights and beautiful neutrals. “Wool takes colour brilliantly so you can afford to go crazy with colour,” says Hunt. “I think our collection is very luxury focused. It’s really about trying to use the best of what nature provides.” Their collection inhabits the expanse between elegance and sensuality; grown up poise and coquettish, youthful slouch. Effortlessly chic, every design trick or distraction is stripped back so that the focus is on feel, form and colour. Cashmere, super fine merino, linen and mercerised cotton, spun to perfection in Italy, feels incredible on the skin.

That’s true luxury.



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