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Chop Chop Chop Chop. Portuguese cooking has spread all over the world. Bread, Tempura, Fish and Chips, batter, spices and sugar - all owe their use to the intrepid Portuguese mariners and their cooks.

The Dangers of Home-Sickness A man and a dog in Manila decide to make Real English Sausages. All goes well at first.

The Humble Crumble A simple and humble British dish is prepared and the breath-taking flavours silence a scoffing gourmet.

Olives. The Tree of Life Olives from antiquity to the present and Australian efforts to reduce reliance on imported olive oil.

A Shaggy Dog Story A Shaggy Dog Story: it was a dark and stormy night.

Totemic Design Jewellery Design rooted strongly in Aboriginal symbolism.

Jade Jade is a unique gemstone - softer than the carborundums, and therefore workable, weight-for-weight it can be more valuable than diamonds. The highly-prized translucent green stone in only found in Burma and Guatamala.

Let's Get Physical Physical gold can be bought, sold, and stored securely at Royal Perth Mint. The universal and ever-lasting appeal of gold has no equal on earth.

Pink Diamonds Pink Diamonds - a financial perspective

Pink Diamonds - Think Pink Argyle Pink Diamonds are uniquely Australian and intensely valuable, and properly-chosen will make a valuable investment.

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