Several firms run jet-fighter joyrides in New South Wales

Jet Set Joyride

Originally published in Crème de la Crème, January 2007

Dickie Jackson

In addition to the vast open spaces that Australia offers, there is one very special thrill that is almost unique in the world. A flight in a jet fighter aircraft.

A small group of former fighter pilots have joined forces and created the Jet Adventure Flight. Nothing, but nothing stacks up against a Jet Adventure Flight. Using jet fighter training aircraft, the BAC Strikemaster, Jet Fighter Flights provide an incredible way to see and feel what it is to be a fighter pilot.

The Strikemaster has pilot and co-pilot (this is you!) seated side by side under a broad canopy providing unbelievable panoramic views. The plane travels at up to 900km/h and the 4 standard flight packages on offer all put the aircraft through its paces with tight turns, dives and climbs and g-forces of up to 4.5 times gravity.

The four packages are organised like military missions, with the entry level flight being a combat air patrol including high-speed aerobatics. Next up is a low-level strike mission – a dummy attack on a ground target. Lots of skimming over hills and down valleys at low altitude. The next package is a simulated dog fight with another aircraft. Bring a friend.

If this isn’t exciting enough, the top package includes all three – low-level strike, aerobatics to evade pursuit, then a dog fight to round it all off.

All Jet Fighter Flight’s pilots are ex-services – One US Marine Corps, another US Navy, two RAAF and one RAF – and all ex-fighter pilots of some distinction with a minimum of 15 years flying experience each.

In addition to providing the most exciting ride in the world, Jet Fighter Flights offer corporate training packages that include full military standard planning, preparation, strategy, tactics and execution. The idea being to introduce your executives to a leadership training experience outside of the ordinary, using uncompromising delivery standards, and then immediately applying those newly-learned techniques in a combat-standard aircraft handled at breathtaking speed to drive home the lessons learned.

The training approach offered by these select few, these graduates of the most expensive training there is, gives an insight into leadership and team-building far beyond that available elsewhere.

But it is the flying that gives the experience its unique impact. Some corporations use Jet Fighter Flights as a simple incentive. The trip is so exhilarating, so exciting, so much fun, and the participants are so elevated and motivated for so long afterwards, (helped by the DVD recording of the cockpit camera), that managers find the cost repays itself many times over.

Jet Fighter Flights also operate light aircraft suitable for sight-seeing trips. The CT4, also designed to be used as a training aircraft for fighter pilots, offers both an exciting flight with aerobatics and a great platform for seeing the sights.

For a more sedate ride, but just as spectacular, a lightweight helicopter flight lets you see Australia from a unique viewpoint and take all the photographs you could wish.


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