Hunter Valley

Crème de la Crème 2010 Edition

Ignorance, Inefficiency and IT Who's in charge here? The Boss? The IT Department? How did IT get to have the power it currently wields?

New York New York plus Cheap Dollar equals Shopping and Showtime Paradise

Rules of Engagement Build IT as you would a building: get an architect, a QS and some engineers and a builder. Don't use your in-house maintenance staff...

Ryokan Traditional Japanese guest houses still thrive despite high costs and falling patronage. They are worth every Yen.

Island Mentality Stockholm's Archipelago is home to thousands of little islands, many of which have one or more weekend cottages on them. Bjorn Akerlund decided to stay permanently and hosts business groups wanting relaxation and privacy.

The Sport of Kings Psst! Wanna buy a racehorse? Works for oats. Already knows how to run.

Business Alliances Forget Joint Ventures - they are more trouble than they're worth. Alliances work well; they preserve morale and jobs and are capital-efficient.

Kangaroo Island Food Paradise Kangaroo Island, famed for its pristine wildlife, is less well-known for its equally-impressive food scene. Even the honeybees are a purer strain than on the mainland.

Piquet Piquet, and ancient two-handed card game challenged the sharpest minds for over 400 years. Escalating bonuses can change the stakes without notice.

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