Hunter Valley

Crème de la Crème 2010 Edition

Lithium Bolivia has half the world's known reserves of Lithium, and lithium is used in the lightweight batteries needed by electric vehicles. Will it soon be boom-time?

Bud vs Bud Budweiser and Budweiser fight for the right to call their beer Budweiser. Neither has a clear right, but at least the Czech stuff comes from Budweis - and is indubitably beer.

Island Mentality Stockholm's Archipelago is home to thousands of little islands, many of which have one or more weekend cottages on them. Bjorn Akerlund decided to stay permanently and hosts business groups wanting relaxation and privacy.

Business Alliances Forget Joint Ventures - they are more trouble than they're worth. Alliances work well; they preserve morale and jobs and are capital-efficient.

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