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Kangaroo Island Food Paradise Kangaroo Island, famed for its pristine wildlife, is less well-known for its equally-impressive food scene. Even the honeybees are a purer strain than on the mainland.

Three very different sisters in one single malt family LVMH bought Glenmorangie GBP300m and picked up not only the fourth biggest-selling malt in the world, but also Glen Moray in Speyside, and the rightly famous Islay malt, Ardbeg.

Du Vin, Divine Du Vin, Divine - French Wine still sets the standards for the rest of the world.

Noble Nectar Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroiag, Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila: these are the names to conjure with: the last malt distilleries left on Islay.

Spirited Away Australia's first quality malt whisky distilleries make their mark.

Beers are on the Menu Australians are at last getting a choice of real beers after decades of identical-tasting "lagers" made from maize and rice. Taste is back!

Australian Wine Exports In the UK, the key market, Australia is now the largest supplier of still wines, having overtaken France in 2006.

Bud vs Bud Budweiser and Budweiser fight for the right to call their beer Budweiser. Neither has a clear right, but at least the Czech stuff comes from Budweis - and is indubitably beer.

Real Tea Tea - the miracle drink has gently stimulated and soothed since ancient Chinese times.

Alternative Investments Wine, art, rare cars, stamps - these are all alternatives to traditional investing as long as you keep your head.

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