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Florence Anthea Williamson, a Sydney-based Photographer, took her cameras with her on a holiday in Tuscany.

Excess all areas The attractions of Antwerp in Belgium include art, architecture, fashion, food, diamonds, beer and chocolate. Crème de la Crème readers are invited to indulge.

Great Brittany Discover what Carantec, situated on the north cost of Brittany, has to offer.

Vancouver Vancouver, British Columbia

Amsterdam Amsterdam is a city of cafes, bars and canals

Blue Mountains A quotation from Blue Mountains by Henry Lawson

The Man from Snowy River The Man from Snowy River by Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson

Shearing at Castlereagh Shearing at Castlereagh

Lithium Bolivia has half the world's known reserves of Lithium, and lithium is used in the lightweight batteries needed by electric vehicles. Will it soon be boom-time?

Island Mentality Stockholm's Archipelago is home to thousands of little islands, many of which have one or more weekend cottages on them. Bjorn Akerlund decided to stay permanently and hosts business groups wanting relaxation and privacy.

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