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An Aussie Chef in France William Page, Chef, late of Adelaide, has confounded the Commentariat and established himself in Berry, central France. And Michelin have recognised the achievement and awarded him a star...

Guillaume at Bennelong. Guillaume at Bennelong. The icon within an icon. Guillaume Brahimi runs the famous restaurant Bennelong within the even-more famous Sydney Opera House.

Chop Chop Chop Chop. Portuguese cooking has spread all over the world. Bread, Tempura, Fish and Chips, batter, spices and sugar - all owe their use to the intrepid Portuguese mariners and their cooks.

The Dangers of Home-Sickness A man and a dog in Manila decide to make Real English Sausages. All goes well at first.

The Humble Crumble A simple and humble British dish is prepared and the breath-taking flavours silence a scoffing gourmet.

A Cook's Tour Cooking holidays are the latest way to enjoy food. A famous chef and a famous establishment, and you are doing the cooking under the eagle eye of the Maestro.

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