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Crème de la Crème 2009 Edition

Cloth Encounters Stewart Russell from Scotland runs Melbourne based Spacecraft, a textile design studio.

Diamonds of the Kitchen Truffles are now growing in Western Australia.

Australian Wool The Australian wool industry is becoming a big hit in the world of high fashion.

Luxury 4WD Range Rover, BMW X5 and the Mercedes M Class and GL Class are put through their paces

French Dressing The Galeries Lafayette have always been a stage where fashion meets art.

Australian Butler School Butler courses run by the Australian Butler School in Braidwood, NSW, prepare students for the new multi-function profession of the Butler.

Smart Cookies Nadine Ingram has elevated the humble biscuit into a crunchy artform.

Down to a Tee A tour of Australia's finest golf courses.

Fine Pruning Bonsai are, in fact, real trees and virtually any species, under the right hands, can be moulded into a miniature tree.

Excess all areas The attractions of Antwerp in Belgium include art, architecture, fashion, food, diamonds, beer and chocolate. Crème de la Crème readers are invited to indulge.

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